The Trouble With Markets
by Roger Bootle
ISBN: 9781857885378
Price: SGD 50.00 (w/o GST) Oct 2009
Economics - Hardback 304 pp
Nicholas Brealey

The Trouble With Markets is a trenchant, topical and thought-provoking exploration of both our economic future and the future of the market system itself. Bootle, one of the City’s best-known economists, not only offers a serious critique of the free-market mindset, but also a plan for radical reform of the system and a way out of the economic mess. Books Bestsellers:
Rated at No. 1 in Economics
Rated at No. 8 in Business, Finance and Law.

"An excellent explanation of what led to the 'Great Implosion' ... what marks this book out is the admirable care that Bootle has taken to address concerns that a reader who is new to the topic might have. Bootle is also diligent in shooting down some of the most common canards that have flapped their way through the crisis. A clear and cogent guide to the problems - and the solutions - that lie ahead." -- Financial Times

Don't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs
(She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse)
by Paul Carter
ISBN: 9781857883770
Price: SGD 24.00 (w/o GST)
Travelogue - Paperback, 224 pp
Nicholas Brealey

A take-no-prisoners approach to life has seen Paul Carter heading to some of the world's most remote, wild and dangerous places as a contractor in the oil business. Amazingly he's survived (so far) to tell these stories from the edge of civilization. Full of dramatic action, humour and great tales, this is 'lad-lit' at its finest – ideal summer reading for armchair travellers and adventurers. You'll chuckle the next time you fill up the car.

Currency Wars
by John Cooley
ISBN: 9781845293697
Price: SGD 35.00 (w/o GST)
Economics - Hardback
Constable & Robinson

Grand-scale forgery has corrosive implications for global economic, political and social stability. The world’s quietest weapon of mass destruction, currency,is 75 per cent cotton, 25 per cent linen … and 100 per cent fake.
With a sound grounding in current events and history alike, Cooley demonstrates that the machinations of today’s states echo the attempts in antiquity by Persia, Greece, Rome and China to use and defend against forgery and currency debasement.

Why the Chinese Don't Count Calories
by Lorraine Clissold
ISBN: 9781845298425
Price: SGD 25.00 (w/o GST)
Health - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

Learn how the Chinese can eat as much as they want without worrying about their weight.
A favourite Chinese greeting is Ni chi fan le ma? – Have you eaten yet? Unlike many in the West, the Chinese see food not as a chore to prepare and source of unwanted calories, but a health-giving pleasure.
In 16 short, captivating chapters, Lorraine Clissold explains why the Chinese can eat as much as they want without worrying about their weight. With examples and recipes, Lorraine shows how the Chinese bal
ance their diet by satisfying their taste buds with five flavours, by eating a mixture of staple foods and carefully prepared dishes, and by making sure they eat the right proportions of solids, liquids and hot and cold foods.

The Britannica Guide to Modern China
ISBN: 9781845298012
Price: SGD 27.00 (w/o GST)
History - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

The Britannica Guide series launch list an essential guide to everything you need to know about modern China In 2008, as Beijing hosts the Olympic Games, the world’s attention is focused on China – yet the most populous nation on the planet is still something of a mystery for many. This comprehensive introduction to the country gives an unbiased and lively overview of China’s people, its culture and recent history.

Serve the People!
by Yan Lianke
ISBN: 9781845295042
Price: SGD 20.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

Set in 1967, at the peak of the Mao cult, when 'Serve the People' was one of the great man's most famous slogans, this book tells the story of the bored wife of a military commander who artfully seduces a peasant soldier.

The Mammoth Book of Best War Comics
by David Kendall
ISBN: 9781845295868
Price: SGD 25.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

30 of the greatest graphic short stories ever produced on the theme of war Mixing classic strips from the likes of Sam Glanzman, Alex Toth and Joe Kubert, with graphic shorts by Ted Rall and Joe Sacco, as well as several unpublished pieces on most recent conflicts by lesser known names. The contributors collectively represent the finest graphic artists to have covered the subject of war in the 20th century.
The works are drawn from a widest possible variety of sources, including classic comic magazines like the bimonthly Blazing Combat published by Warren in the 1970s, and DC Thomson's ongoing Commando, individual collections such as Sam Glanzman's Marvel-published work, and smaller press publications whose hidden gems can now be brought to the light of day.

Dance with Chance
by Spyros Makridakis, Robin Hogarth, Anil Gaba
ISBN: 9781851686537
Price: SGD 29.00 (w/o GST)
Self-Help - Paperback
Oneworld Publications

How to master uncertainty to boost your health, wealth and happiness
September 11th, 2001 saw the deaths of almost 3,000 people. However, an additional 5,000 US citizens died in the subsequent year as a direct result. These weren’t killed by terrorists and they weren’t war casualties. They were killed in car accidents caused by the shift from planes to road travel.
People felt in control behind the wheel of their own cars while afraid of airplanes. This control, however, was not real and it resulted in many unnecessary deaths. In fact, this “illusion of control” dogs all aspects of human behaviour. We don’t like uncertainty, and we don’t know how to deal with it.
So, we pretend that it isn’t there.

The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups
by Jon E. Lewis
ISBN: 9781845296087
Price: SGD 24.00 (w/o GST)
Non-Fiction - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

Everything your rulers never wanted you to know and you were afraid to ask

Jon E. Lewis explores the 100 most terrifying cover-ups of all time, from the invention of Jesus’ divinity (pace the Da Vinci Code) to Bush’s and Blair’s real agenda in invading Iraq. Entertainingly written and closely documented, the book provides each cover-up with a plausibility rating.

The Little White Horse (Film edition)
Filmed as The Secret of Moonacre
by Elizabeth Goudge
ISBN: 9780745961187
Price: SGD 16.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Lion Hudson

The Little White Horse is a long-standing childhood classic. It is now a major motion picture, The Secret of Moonacre, releasing in UK cinemas on 6th February 2009, featuring an all-star cast including Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass), Ioan Gruffudd (The Fantastic Four), Tim Curry (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), Natascha McElhone (The Truman Show, Solaris) and Juliet Stevenson (Bend it Like Beckham), helmed by the award-winning Hungarian director Gabor Csupo (The Bridge to Terabitha). This edition of The Little White Horse celebrates the release of the motion picture with 8 pages of colour stills taken from the film. When Maria Merryweather arrives in Moonacre, she is fascinated by the mysterious story of the long-lost Moon Princess and the magical little white horse. Before long she finds herself involved with an ancient feud, which she is determined to solve. And she usually gets her own way...

Train Man
by Nakano Hitori
ISBN: 9781845293512
Price: SGD 22.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

The events took place in Tokyo. One day a shy otaku computer geek mentioned on the message forum how he
had met a girl on a subway train. As things developed he continued to post updates to the message board. He gained the nickname 'Train Man'. Eventually he finds love with the girl, Hermes, and reveals to her the entire history of the thread.

This is a true story of love for the internet generation - the international bestseller that sold over a million copies. This wonderfully unique book from Japan derives from a series of postings over a three-month period to a particularly computer-geeky thread of 2 Channel, the world's largest anonymous Message Board. The events all took place in Tokyo. One day a shy otaku computer geek mentioned on the message forum how he had met a girl on a subway train. As things developed he continued to post updates to the message board. He gained the nickname 'Train Man'. With each update from bashful Train Man, his fellow correspondents throw in own colourful speculations, boyish encouragements, tongue-in-cheek warnings, and fabulously inventive ascii text drawings. Train Man tries to take on board their comments as events unfold. Eventually he finds love with the girl, Hermes, and reveals to her the entire history of the thread. The true identity of Train Man remains a closely guarded secret.

Wisdom Of Whores (A-Format)
by Elizabeth Pisani
ISBN: 978184708113 1
Price: SGD 21.00 (w/o GST)
Health - Paperback 272 pp
Granta Books

Illustrating solid science with ribald tales from the frontlines of sex and drugs, The Wisdom of Whores explains how we could shut down HIV in most of the world with a few simple steps. We could do it with less money than we already have. But we won’t. This books shows how politics, ideology and money—lots of money, ten of billion of dollars a year and rising—have bulldozed through scientific evidence and common sense.

Vegetables: For Health And Healing
by Ong Hean Chooi
ISBN: 9789676121028
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Health - Paperback

Natural therapy - health, well-being and alternative treatments
The benefits of taking vegetables as part of your daily diet are well espoused by doctors and nutritionists. However, its specific curative properties have remained a secret until now. The secrets are revealed in this compendium detailing health, nutritional and curative benefits of more than 60 types of vegetables.

The Mammoth Book of Kakuro, Wordoku and Super Sudoku
by Nathan Haselbauer
ISBN: 9781845293581
Price: SGD 19.00 (w/o GST)
Puzzles - B Paperback, 480 pp
Constable & Robinson

Fun, challenging, addictive over 400 of the best new Japanese brainteasers
The explosive interest in sudoku has uncovered a whole new world of puzzles from Japan. Hot on its heels, here is the biggest-ever collection of kakuro and other exciting new Japanese puzzles. Slightly more mathematical than sudoku in approach, kakuro has proven equally addictive to all who try it. This bonanza collection contains over 100 of the finest handcrafted kakuro, as well as the fullest-ever range of other Japanese puzzles yet to be discovered by the West. The puzzle types in this collection include wordoku, meiro, tensen and Sum Square.

The Mammoth Book of Brain Workouts
by Gareth Moore
ISBN: 9781845298050
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Puzzles - B Paperback, 512 pp
Constable & Robinson

A brilliant new collection of over 400 original new brain puzzles, in the fashionable ‘mind gym’ style. This all-new volume offers a structured programme to stimulate and re-activate the different parts of your brain. It contains over 400 activities, puzzles and tests, ranging from speed maths and word memorization to logic tests and verbal reasoning exercises. The book is divided into 31 daily workouts, with over a dozen puzzles a day, providing a month’s supply of exercises to keep your mind supple and in shape.Each daily workout contains a specially formulated mixture of puzzles designed to improve your problem solving, to boost your creativity, to improve your concentration, to improve your memory, and to boost your mind power.

The Mammoth Book of Secret Codes Puzzles
by Elonka Dunin
ISBN: 9781845293253
Price: SGD 23.00 (w/o GST)
Puzzles - B Paperback, 512 pp
Constable & Robinson

After Da Vinci 400 new codes to crack!
Includes over 400 puzzles, ranging from easy letter substitutions to fiendishly difficult ciphers. There's helpful advice and top tips on code cracking, plus famous unsolved, real-world cryptograms, like the Dorabella cipher, Kryptos fourth section, Zodiac killer ciphers, Linear A and Rongorongo script.

A Brief Guide to the Great Equations
by Robert Crease
ISBN: 9781845292812
Price: SGD 27.00 (w/o GST)
Science - B Paperback
Constable & Robinson

Join the hunt for the cosmic beauty in numbers with stories of the discovery of the ten most admired equations of all time.
Here are the stories of the ten most popular equations of all time as voted for by readers of Physics World, including - accessibly described here for the first time - the favourite equation of all, Euler's equation.
Many scientists and those with a mathematical bent have a soft spot for equations. This book explains both why these ten equations are so beautiful and significant, and the human stories behind them.

Why Don't Spiders Stick to Their Webs?
And Ot
her Everyday Mysteries of Science
by Robert Matthews
ISBN: 9781851685516
Price: SGD 24.00 (w/o GST)
Science - Paperback
Oneworld Publications

What happens if you fall into a black hole? Which properties give you the best chance of winning Monopoly? And why is it always so difficult to get ketchup to come out of a full bottle? Award-winning science writer Robert Matthews provides answers to the most baffling, intriguing, and occasionally downright trivial questions submitted by members of the general public. From the mysterious fate of odd socks to the farthest reaches of the universe, this collection unravels the science behind the world around us. Entertaining, enlightening, and often inspired, this book is a must-read for all inquisitive minds.

The Duck That Won The Lottery
by Julian Baggini
ISBN: 9781847080875
Price: SGD 27.00 (w/o GST)
Philosophy - Paperback, 224 pp
Granta Books

This companion volume to "The Pig That Wants To Be Eaten" provides another rapid-fire selection of short, stimulating and entertaining capsules of philosophy. This time the focus is on the bad argumentative moves people use all the time, in politics, the media and everyday life. Each entry will be around 700 words and will take as its starting point an example of questionable reasoning from the media or literature. As with "The Pig", the aim is to give readers something to chew on and work through for themselves.

80/20 Principle
by Richard Koch
ISBN: 9781857883992
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST)
Business - Paperback
Nicholas Brealey

The Secret of Achieving More with Less
The fact that 80% of results flow from 20% of causes – is the one true principle of highly effective people and organisations. The 80/20 Principle shows how you can achieve much more with much less effort, time and resources, simply by concentrating on that all-important 20%.
The 80/20 Principle is the key to controlling our lives. If we can latch on to the few powerful forces within and around us, we can leverage our efforts to multiply effectiveness. Most of what we do has trivial results. A little of what we do really matters. So if we focus on the latter, we can control events instead of being controlled by them, and achieve several times the results.

Talent Is Overrated
by Geoff Colvin
ISBN: 9781857885194
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Business – Paperback, 224 pp
Nicholas Brealey

What if everything you know about raw talent, hard work, and great performance is wrong? Few, if any, of the people around you are truly great at what they do. But why aren't they? Why don't they manage businesses like Jack Welch or Andy Grove, play golf like Tiger Woods or play the violin like Itzhak Perlman? Asked to explain why a few people truly excel, most of us offer one of two answers: hard work or a natural talent. However, scientific evidence doesn't support the notion that specific natural talents make great performers. In one of the most popular Fortune articles in years, Geoff Colvin offered new evidence that top performers in any field - from Tiger Woods and Winston Churchill to Warren Buffett and Jack Welch - are not determined by their inborn talents. Greatness doesn t come from DNA but from practice and perseverance honed over decades. The key is how you practice, how you analyze the results of your progress and learn from your mistakes, that enables you to achieve greatness

The Leader's Way
by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Laurens van den Muyzenberg
ISBN: 9781857885118
Price: SGD 40.00 (w/o GST)
Business - Hardback
Nicholas Brealey

Business, Buddhism and Happiness in an Interconnected World
A rewarding glimpse into the life and thoughts of one of the world’s most inspiring leaders, The Leader’s Way contains fascinating insights and anecdotes from His Holiness the Dalai Lama, ranging from his meetings with Mao Tse-Tung to his government-in-exile in India, and details his views on poverty, wealth and happiness. It provides an inspiring manifesto for leading change that can have an impact at every level, from the individual to the global.

50 Prosperity Classics
by Tom Butler-Bowdon
ISBN: 9781857885040
Price: SGD 35.00 (w/o GST)
Business - Paperback
Nicholas Brealey

Attract It, Create It, Manage It, Share It - Wisdom from the most valuable books on wealth creation and abundance
50 Prosperity Classics is the first book to highlight the landmark titles in this fast-expanding field, illustrated by the phenomenal success of The Secret. It focuses on the great works on wealth, entrepreneurship, personal finance, investing, economics and philanthropy, providing guidance and encouragement to develop the millionaire mindset, become a wealth creator, make wise investment decisions and - once you've made it - give a little back. The phenomenal success of The Secret has helped many people discover a field of writing that seems new but actually goes back a century.

The Mongol Art of War
by Timothy May
ISBN: 9789810578981
Price: SGD 38.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Hardback
Horizon Books

In this pioneering book, Timothy May demonstrates that the Mongol military developed from a tribal levy into a disciplined and complex military organization. He describes the make-up of the Mongol army from its inception to the demise of their empire, and he shows how it was the strength, quality and versatility of Mongol military organization that made them the pre-eminent warriors of their time.

The Just Prince
by Joseph A. Kechichian & R. Hrair Dekmejian
ISBN: 9789810519483
Price: SGD 35.00 (w/o GST)
Business - Paperback
Horizon Books

This guide to practical political philosophy combines penetrating contemporary analysis with the entertainment value of The Thousand and One Nights, and the deep insight of Sun Tzu.
The Sulwan al-Muta' is an 800-year-old handbook for statesmen written by a Sicilian Arab who pressented this advice to a 'just prince' based on Islamic morality, European realism and a broad-ranging knowledge of different cultures. Warm, wise and witty, the work is explicated using straight philosophical discourse as well as the delirious narrative whirl of fables-within-fables so beloved of ancient and mediaeval Oriental literature.

The Number Devil
by Enzensberger Hans Magnus
ISBN: 9781847080530
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Children's fiction - Paperback
Granta Books

A Mathematical Adventure
Twelve-year-old Robert hates maths. Then in a dream, Robert meets the Number Devil, who brings the subject magically to life, illustrating with wit and charm a world in which numbers can fascinate and amaze.

The Number Devil is essential reading for anyone - of any age - who has ever been mystified by maths.

The Pig That Wants to be Eaten
by Julian Baggini
ISBN: 9781862078550
Price: SGD 23.00 (w/o GST)
Philosophy - Paperback
Granta Books

Julian Baggini presents 100 thought experiments: short scenarios which pose a problem in a vivid and concrete way, and invites the reader to think about possible answers for him/herself. Experiments cover identity, religion, art, ethics, language, knowledge and many more. From "Zeno's Paradox" to "Groundhog Day" (how do you make sense of a life of eternal recurrence?), via "The Pig that Wants to be Eaten" (so should you eat him?), "Plato's Cave", "Minority Report" (is it right to punish people for what they are going to do, but haven't yet done?), and an "American Werewolf in London" (how can we tell whether we are awake or dreaming?), this book makes philosophy not only mind-stretching but also entertaining.

Being Happy!
by Andrew Mathews
ISBN: 9789810006648
Price: SGD 18.00 (w/o GST)
Self Help - Paperback
Media Masters

A Handbook To Greater Confidence & Security
This book discusses how an understanding of nature's laws can help us deal better with our own natures. It is about why you spill spaghetti only down the front of your BEST suit; why traffic lights stay red for half a day when you are running late for an appointment; why you can drive a wreck for fifteen years and never scratch it . . . and then dent your new car after two days!

Making Friends
by Andrew Matthews
ISBN 9789810019532
Price: SGD 18.00 (w/o GST)
Self Improvement - Paperback
Media Masters

A Guide To Getting Along With People
How is it that Barry in his battered old Toyota is getting all the laughs and is scoring with the ladies? How come Fred in his trendy gear and matching Porsche proves no competition? Why is it that Louise has caring friends and Millie ends up with bullies? This book is about enjoying people, dealing with prophets of doom and prevailing over gossip, pettiness and anger.

Aisan Parenting Today
by Jennifer Hor/ Ho Ai Ling/ Jocelyn Oo
ISBN: 9789839476132.
Price: SGD 23.00 (w/o GST)
Health - Paperback
Jenlia Maternal

The only book that provides real-life questions and practical, realistic solutions for new parents to help make their parenting experiences an enjoyable, stress-free one.

Live Well Love Much Love Often
by Apelles Poh
ISBN: 9789810595753
Price: SGD 18.50 (w/o GST)
Self Help - Paperback

Have you ever wished that life could be less complicated and more fulfilling in today’s ever-shifting terrain of modern living? In Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often, author Apelles Poh Presents an inspirational, holistic approach to enlighten, empower and enrich those who wish to find greater fulfillment and a better balance in their personal life, relationships and work. With penetrating insights, both personal and culled from great minds past and present, Apelles flavours the book with engaging anecdotes to put forth an appealing and timely message that is badly needed in an increasingly hectic and chaotic world. Divided into four parts and twenty-seven thought-provoking chapters, Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often is a fount of wisdom and practical advice that is both entertaining and easy to grasp. Peppered with illuminating quips, quotes, short stories, and a dash of humour, the book is also a good resource for leaders, educators, managers, presenters and anyone who wants to become a better communicator.

Mary’s Recipes – A Celebration of a Singapore Kitchen by Mary Gomes
ISBN: 9789810503932
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Horizon Books

Mary Gomes, author of bestseller The Eurasian Cookbook, presents her latest book Mary’s Recipes – A Celebration of a Singapore Kitchen, a collection of local favourites and more Eurasian dishes.
This book is not just a celebration of one family’s Eurasian and Peranakan heritage, but that of a true Singapore Kitchen.
Mary Gomes follows the successful publication in 2001 of her first book, The Eurasian Cookbook, with a collection of recipes featuring the myriad ethnic cuisines of her home, Singapore.
In this long awaited second cookbook, Mary shares with us her family’s secret recipes from chicken sambal buah keras to braised duck and shrimp sambal bostadar to nonya bak chang. Learn to make hawker favourites such as harlock prawns and old family dishes such as yam rice, all simplified for the modern cook.

“With this book, Mary has proved she is among the best in a dazzling array of women cookbook authors that we are so fortunate to have in Singapore. Long may they flourish.”
From foreword by David Kraal

Eurasian Cookbook
by Mary Gomes
ISBN: 9810443447
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Horizon Books

In this book, author Mary Gomes has delved into the kitchen archives of her family and friends to share with you the rich heritage of Eurasian food, a heritage that reflects the influence of a multitude of cultures - Portuguese, Dutch, English, Chinese, Malay, Indian and even Peranakan. After years of cooking for family, church, the corporate world and even a president or two, Mary has evolved a simple and short method for recipes that are slowly disappearing from our culinary landscape

A Leap Of Love
by Catherine Lim
ISBN: 9789810805944
Price: SGD 16.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Horizon Books

There is a wonderful ancient Western tradition that allows a woman to propose to a man.
But, only on 29 February. Only once every four years. In a Leap Year.

On such a momentous day, late one morning in modern day Singapore, Li-ann, young, bright, beautiful, catches sight of Jeremy for the first time in a busy part of town. She realizes, with a start, that he is her dream man, and move allowed by the Leap year tradition. It is the most creative, imaginative and brilliant move any girl can think of. Jeremy is totally enthralled. Their first meeting is radiant with love's promise.

But alas! Fate, ever mischievous, intervenes with her tricks, determined that love's path should never be smooth. She takes the lovers on an alarmingly bumpy roller coaster rider over the years, as each Leap year comes and goes, leaving them by turns ecstatic and despondent, hopeful and despairing. But in the end, fate is no match for the enduring power and furious tenacity of love.

This novel brims with energy, sparkles with joy and is breathless with the sheer suspense of tracking the memorable twists and turns in the intertwined lives of two supremely gifted lovers.

Tears of A Teen-age Comfort Woman
by Swee Lian
Edited by Ralph Modder
ISBN: 9789810805951
Price: SGD 18.00 (w/o GST)
Memoir - Paperback
Horizon Books

This is the true account of the courage and suffering of Swee Liang who, like thousands of other women who were forced into Japanese army brothels during World War II, had withheld their real identities because of the shame their stories would have brought to themselves and their families. Swee Lian was 16 when she was imprisoned and raped by a Japanese Kempeitai (military/secret police) officer and sent to an army brothel in British North Borneo (now Sabah) in 1942. Her parents who were also arrested by the Kempeitai died as the result of torture while in prison. She made an incredible escape to Japanese-occupied Singapore in 1943 where she took refuge in a Buddhist nunnery until the surrender of Japan in 1945. In 1948 she married Choon, her ‘student-days sweetheart’ and a guerrilla fighter, fulfilling a promise they had made before her escape to Singapore. He died in Australia in 1969 where they had settled and where she had lived with members of her family until her death in 1981.

The Red Cheong-sam And Other Old Tales of Malaya and Singapore
by Ralph Modder
ISBN: 9789810503901
Price: SGD 19.00 (w/o GST)
Fiction - Paperback
Horizon Books

The thirty-one stories selected for this volume portray the scandalous, tragic, violent, romantic and lighter sides of life at various levels of the segregated English and Asian communities in Malaya (now Malaysia ) and Singapore under British colonial rule. It began with the founding of Singapore in 1819 by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles of the British East India Company. It ended during the dismantling process of the British Empire at the end of World War II in 1945.
The stories originated from various sources and were passed on by word-of-mouth or recalled from memory and jotted down over a period of several years. While many were ‘lost in time,' others may have found their way into Far Eastern stories by Somerset Maugham and Joseph Conrad.
The ‘good old (colonial) days' may still be remembered with nostalgia by a steadily dwindling number of survivors from that era or recalled with mixed feelings by others who might ask, ‘What were so good about those days, anyway?' – remembering the eternal clashes of cultures and those between peoples from two vastly different moulds. It had prompted Kipling to note, ‘Oh, East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.'
But, despite the ‘twain' not meeting or whether they did meet without anyone noticing, life moved on, or stumbled along, with all its inherited (Eastern and Western) dogmas, stigmas and human frailties; some of which are recounted in this volume.

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