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Great-Grandma's Hair Loss Remedy
by Rebecca Loke
ISBN: 9789834430016
Price: SGD 12.00 (w/o GST) | 27 Jul 2009
Children - C Paperback, 54 pp
Media Masters

This book is the story of eight-year-old James, He has alopecia universalis. There is meager knowledge of the condition in the community at large. This worries James, especially when he has to face new situations, like moving to another school. Fortunately, he is surrounded by a loving family and, with their support, James is able to overcome anxieties and emerge happy and popular.

Ousted !
by Patrick Keith
ISBN: 97898105386501
Price: SGD
25.00 (w/o GST)
History -
Media Masters

Ousted! is the first book entirely dedicated to the climactic story of Singapore’s expulsion from Malaysia in the complex and chaotic political gyrations of that tumultuous period. The author gives deserving space
for the key leaders involved – Tunku Abdul Rahman, Lee Kuan Yew and the then president of the MCA, Tan Siew Sin.

Chin Peng : My Side of History
by Ian Ward
ISBN: 9789810486938
Price: SGD35.00 (
w/o GST)
Biography -
Paperback, 527pp
Media Masters

# Available also in Chinese
Edition (我方的历史:陈平 ISBN: 9789810520755)

This is the autobiography of the legendary Chin Peng, Malayan communist guerrilla leader in the 12-year jungle war against British and Commonwealth forces from 1948 - 1960.

During what is often referred to as the 'War of the Virgin Soldiers', hundreds of thousands of British and Commonwealth servicemen - Army, Navy and Air Force ­ were dispatched to Malaya and Singapore to participate in the anti-insurgency campaign.

My Side of History stands as a
unique and extraordinary historical document from the man who, along with fellow believers, challenged militarily the might of both Japanese and British Empires.

Being Happy! Over 2 million copies sold!
by Andrew Mathews
ISBN: 9789810006648
Price: SGD18.00 (w/o GST)
Self Help - Paperback
Media Masters

A Handbook To Greater Confidence & Security
This book discusses how an understanding of nature's laws can help us deal better with our own natures. It is about why you spill spaghetti only down the front of your BEST suit; why traffic lights stay red for half a day when you are running late for an appointment; why you can drive a wreck for fifteen years and never scratch it . . . and then dent your new car after two days!

Making Friends
by Andrew Matthews
ISBN 9789810019532
Price: SGD18.00 (w/o GST)
Self Improvement - Paperback
Media Masters

A Guide To Getting Along With People
How is it that Barry in his battered old Toyota is getting all the laughs and is scoring with the ladies? How come Fred in his trendy gear and matching Porsche proves no competition? Why is it that Louise has caring friends and Millie ends up with bullies? This book is about enjoying people, dealing with prophets of doom and prevailing over gossip, pettiness and anger.

Battlefield Guide - Malaya and Singapore
by Ian Ward & Ralph Modder
ISBN: 9789810012564
Price: SGD12.00 (w/o GST)
Military history -
Media Masters
2 war maps; 122 photographs;
full colour

# Available also in Japanese Edition (ISBN: 9789999995012)
A unique illustrated chronicle of the 70 days that changed the face of South East Asia forever. A dispassionate day-by-day account of Britain's greatest military disaster. Two detailed war maps. 122 historic photographs. The authors present fresh perspectives on the extraordinary battles and controversial strategies. A "must-read" for all with a sense of history.

Go Sudoku - Sprain That Brain
ISBN: 9789810557461
Price: SGD7.35 (w/o GST)
Game -

Having conquered Japan and the U.K., Sudoku continues its takeover march across the globe. Mind bending, brain twisting and terribly, sadistically addictive, this number game's appeal lies in it being a challenging and fun test of a person's logic and reasoning.Get past 5 difficulty levels in each GO Sudoku book.
Smooth Cruise, Still Cruising (less smoothly), Bumpy, Sick, Crash and Burn

Heavenly Humour - Volume One
by George Ong
ISBN: 9789810533014
Price: SGD14.90 (w/o GST)

Heavenly Humour contains 204 pages of entertaining and amusing jokes on Church, Bible, Pastors, Christmas, Prayer, Giving, Adam & Eve, Preaching, God, Gospel & Missions.

A Singapore Family Cookbook
by Violet Oon
ISBN: 9789810409883
Price: SGD24.90 (w/o GST)
Cook -
Pen International

The cookbook has Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian and Nonya dishes. Recipes from Australia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the Mediterranean were collected from Violet's travel ventures. It is peppered with anecdotal remembrances of everyday and festive meals shared - with the kind of hints a mother would share with her daughter while cooking together in the kitchen.

South Indian Cookbook
by Devagi Sanmugam
ISBN: 9789810449155
Price: SGD32.50 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Pen International

More than 100 recipes are presented - from soups and rasams to snacks and sweets and healing foods to help ease minor discomforts and quicken the process of recuperation. Vegetarian and healthy alternatives to traditional dishes are provided with easy steps using modern-day conveniences . You will also find tips for alternatives and notes for a South Indian kitchen and pantry.