The Mammoth Book of SAS and Special Forces
by Jon E. Lewis
ISBN: 9781845290436
Price: SGD23.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 512 pp
Constable & Robinson

Mission Ultimate Danger - the troops who went behind enemy lines

Here are thirty true and graphic accounts of the most heroic SAS and special-forces missions ever undertaken into the most dangerous place of all - behind enemy lines. Bang up to date, this unputdownable collection includes the most recent operations into Iraq in 2003, Afghanistan and Bosnia, and features the entire range of special forces from SAS, Commandos and Rangers to Navy SEALS and Paratroopers.

The Mammoth Book of Inside the Elite Forces
by Nigel Cawthorne
ISBN: 9781845298210
Price: SGD24.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 560 pp
Constable & Robinson

The secrets of the SAS and other elite forces their winning tactics and exploits
The most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to American and British special forces, covering all aspects of their equipment, training and deployment in the Iraq age of warfare.

It takes a special kind of person to join the Special Forces and those to pass the stringent entrance requirements are subjected to the most rigorous training. They’re trained to be super-fit, taught to survive in th
e most adverse conditions, and turned into killing machines.

Hitler's British Slaves
by Sean Longden
ISBN: 9781845295196
Price: SGD27.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 320 pp
Constable & Robinson

The untold story of life in the allied camps under the Nazi’s.
Sean Londgen
has conducted numerous interviews and reveals a new perspective on life under the Nazis that has long been forgotten and replaced by the myth of Colditz and The Great Escape.
Between 1939 and 1945 almost 200,000 British and Commonwealth Servicemen were held as Prisoners of War in Germany. Eve
ry Allied soldier under the rank of Sergeant was forced to work 12 hour shifts, six days a week, cutting timber, quarrying stone, carving ice from frozen rivers and clearing bombsites. It drove the soldiers to the brink, in which survival was a daily trial. Many starved to death or died from disease, others were killed in accidents or at the hands of their guards.

Military Intelligence Blunders and Cover-Ups
by John, Colonel Hughes-Wilson
ISBN: 9781841198712
Price: SGD25.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback
Constable & Robinson

An alarming expos' of military intelligence and how it goes wrong
professional military-intelligence officer’s controversial insider’s view of some of the greatest intelligence blunders of recent history includes the serious developments in government misuse of intelligence in the recent war with Iraq. Colonel John Hughes-Wilson analyses not just the events that conspire to cause disaster, but why crucial intelligence is so often ignored, misunderstood or spun by politicians and seasoned generals alike.

The Sinking of the Prince of Wales & Repulse
by Patrick Mahoney, Martin Middlebrook
ISBN: 9781844150755
Price: SGD35.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Paperback
Pen & Sword Books

On the third day of the war with Japan, two Royal Navy capital ships were sunk off Malaya by air torpedo attack. They had not requested the air support that could have saved them and 840 men died in the battleship HMS Prince of Wales and the battle cruiser HMS Repulse. The authors re-create for the reader not only what happened, but also what it was like for the men involved. They dispose of several myths to explain the events of those confused hours, and address the uncertainty, controversy and strong emotions that surrounded the militarily disastrous sinkings.

Dictionary Of The Second World War
by Elizabeth-Anne Wheal
ISBN: 9780850529623
Price: SGD37.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Paperback
Pen & Sword Books

In The Dictionary of the Second World War there are more than 1,600 detailed and analytical entries - together with specially commissioned maps - which cover every aspect of the war.'Theatres: Eastern and Western Europe, North and East Africa, Asia, the Pacific, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.' Actions and operations from Barbarossa to Overlord, from Midway to Iwo Jima. Tactics and strategies from submarines to airborne operations, from blitzkreig to area bombing. Weapons from i.e. Supermarine Spitfire to the B-29 Superfortress, and from Bismarck to the atomic bomb Armed Forces of all the major combatants, from the Red Army to the USAAF Commanders from Alexander to Zhukov, from Kesselring and Kleist to Koga and Kondo Politicos and diplomacy from Tripartite Pact to United Nations, from Ribbentrop to Roosevelt, from propaganda to Allied ConferencesA host of other topics are covered, from resistance to women to anti-Semitism, from communism to intelligence services to the Final Solution, making this an essential companion for anyone with an interest in World War II, and the history of the twentieth century.

The Men They Left Behind
by Sean Longden

ISBN: 9781845299774
Price: SGD27.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 528 pp
Constable & Robinson

The true story of the 41,000 British soldiers who were left
behind after the evacuation of Dunkirk, May 1940.
At 2am on the morning of the 3rd of June 1940, General Harold Alexander searched along the quayside, holding onto his megaphone and called “Is anyone there? Is anyone there?” before turning his boat back towards England.

Tradition tells us that the dramatic events of the evacuation of Dunkirk, in which 300,000 BEF servicemen escaped the Nazis, was a victory gained from the jaws of defeat. For the first time, rather than telling the tale of the 300,000 who escaped, Sean Longden reveals the story of the 40,000 men sacrificed in the rearguard battles.

Slim, Master of War
Burma, 1942-5
by Robert Lyman

ISBN: 9781845292263
Price: SGD25.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 288 pp
Constable & Robinson

Nothing less than one of the most interesting soldiers of his generation, Slim's 'smart' style of soldiering paved the way for how we make war today.
General W J Slim achieved something no one believed possible. Appointed to lead what was soon to become the famous 'forgotten' 14th Army in 1943, at a time when British units in the Far East were defeated and demoralised, within six months he had dealt the first death blow to the Japanese Army. This - the battle of Kohima and Imphal - was the largest single defeat of the Japanese on land in the Second World War and led to their complete destruction in Burma by August 1945. So, how did he do it? And why is he not better known? Slim did not fit the British military mould. Like Patton he was a manoeuvrist: he fought differently, seeking victory by cunning and guile, starkly different from how the British Army foughts its wars at the time. Like the legendary soldier T E Lawrence, Slim was an exponent - long before it became fashionable - of mission command, giving his subordinates their head and encouraging initiative and imagination at the lowest levels of command. But above all Slim was a soldier's general - it wasn't just his men who revered him, but his equals too: Mountbatten, with whom he bonded in a way unparalleled in South East Asia Command, and Stilwell, another maverick, who would serve under no other British commander but him. They were not wrong; he was a singular man, a supreme commander, who remains worthy of our respect.

The Mammoth Book of How it Happened: World War II
by Jon E. Lewis
ISBN: 9781841193038
Price: SGD24.00 (w/o GST)
Military - B Paperback 512 pp
Constable & Robinson

Six years that changed the world forever -
200 first-hand accounts from World War II
Jon E. Lewis has selected 200 first-hand accounts, from Heinz Guderian rolling his panzer tank into Poland in 1939 to the execution of Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg in 1946. However, this collection is more than a unique eyewitness chronicle. It gives us insight into how the repercussions of war have shaped our modern world, and how nothing from geo-politics to rock `n' roll can really be understood without considering it.

Jungles Are Never Neutral
by Bro Patricius O'Donovan fsc
ISBN: 9789810813055
Price: SGD18.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Paperback 136 pp
Media Masters

An extraordinary story of exile and survival
The diaries of Bro Patricius O’Donovan fsc

A book that adds entirely new and fresh perspectives to the study of the Japanese occupation years in Malaya and Singapore has just been released. For the first time, the public at large can access a thoroughly reflective and riveting examination of the quite extraordinary experiment in human survival initiated in 1943 by the Japanese authorities near Bahau, Negri Sembilan.

Battlefield Guide - Malaya and Singapore
by Ian Ward & Ralph Modder
ISBN: 9789810012564
Price: SGD12.00 (w/o GST)
Military history -
Media Masters
2 war maps; 122 photographs;
full colour

# Available also in Japanese Edition (ISBN: 9789999995012)
A unique illustrated chronicle of the 70 days that changed the face of South East Asia forever. A dispassionate day-by-day account of Britain's greatest military disaster. Two detailed war maps. 122 historic photographs. The authors present fresh perspectives on the extraordinary battles and controversial strategies. A "must-read" for all with a sense of history.

The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler
by Roger Manvell and Heinrich Fraenkel
ISBN: 9789810808648
Price: SGD30.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Paperback
Horizon Books

The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler reveals the truth about Operation Valkyrie – an assassination conspiracy involving high-ranking German army officers. The book is a classic – an exciting tale of modern sabotage packed with firsthand information about Stauffenberg’s tragic failed attempt on Hitler’s life. Filled with suspense and flourishes of gut-wrenching intensity, The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler is all the more thrilling for one reason – everything is true. Venture inside Hitler’s secret bunker, the Wolf’s Lair, and sit in on discussions of Nazi strategy. Feel your heart race as the briefcase bomb intended to kill the f├╝hrer is set in place and the conspirators wait for word of his death. Written while those involved were still alive and testifying, The Men Who Tried to Kill Hitler is the most powerful and candid telling of the near-miss assassination of Hitler ever written.
Praises for the Book
“Exciting and readable.” ─ The Times
“Well written and accurate”─ The New York Review of Books

Yasukuni, The War Dead and The Struggle for Japan's Past
by John Breen (Editor)
ISBN: 9789810595265
Price: SGD38.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Hardback
Horizon Books

This book is the first authoritative volume in English on Yasukuni, the controversial Shinto shrine in the heart of Tokyo, dedicated to the Japanese war dead. Twelve convicted and two suspected Class A criminals are enshrined at Yasukuni, while the shrine’s museum narrates and account of Japan’s actions in the Second World War that is best described as revisionist. Visits to the shrine by cabinet members often set off protests at home and abroad, especially in China, Korea and Taiwan, and Yasukuni remains a source of considerable mistrust between the Chinese and Japanese governments. This volume sets out neither to commend Yasukuni nor to condemn it; it seeks, rather, to present authoritative yet divergent views. It accommodates chapters by Japanese intellectuals; it carries multiple Chinese perspectives; and there are also contributions from Western commentators who offer their own insights on the shrine and its place in post-war Japanese diplomacy, ideology and history.
Praises for the Book “By bringing together a wide range of perspectives and casting Yasukuni in multiple historical, ideological, political and religious frameworks that cut across Japanese, Chinese and international perspectives, this volume contributes much that is fresh and provocative.”- Mark Selden, Japan Focus

Gurkhas At War
eyewitness Accounts from World War II to Iraq
edited by J.P. Cross & Buddhiman Gurung
ISBN: 9789810578787
Price: SGD30.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Paperback
Horizon Books

Gurkhas at War, the result of in-depth interviews conducted by editors J.P. Cross and Buddhiman Gurung, offers these remarkable soldiers a voice in print for the first time. These first-person narratives centre on the sixty-year period from the outbreak of World War II to the confrontation in East Timor, including the lengthy battles against the Japanese in the Burmese jungle, compaigns against the Communists in Malaya and Hong Kong, as well as more recent deployments in the Falklands Campaign and Gulf War. We also gain insight into the changes wrought by Indian independence, which forcibly divided the Gurkha allegiance between the ex-colony and her old master.
The tactless mismanagement of the various `handovers', and the punitive measures directed at many Gurkhas who disputed their resettlement, remain a painful memory for those subjected to the change. The editors - who traveled 5,000 miles to rescue material from surviving soldiers - provide a thorough introduction to Gurkha culture, a historical overview of each campaign fought, and record some of the peculiarities of their encounters with these most resilient of soldiers.

- The first time the Gurkha soldiers; voice has been heard at length.
- Historical overviews of Gurkha operations.
- Vivid, first-person descriptions spanning more than sixty years of warfare.

The Mongol Art of War
by Timothy May
ISBN: 9789810578981
Price: SGD38.00 (w/o GST)
Military - Hardback
Horizon Books

The Mongol armies that established the largest land empire in history, stretching across Asia and into Eastern Europe , are imperfectly understood. Often they are viewed as screaming throngs of horsemen who swept over opponents by sheer force of numbers rather than as disciplined regiments that carried out planned and practiced manoeuvres.
In this pioneering book, Timothy May demonstrates that the Mongol military developed from a tribal levy into a disciplined and complex military organization. He describes the make-up of the Mongol army from its inception to the demise of their empire, and he shows how it was the strength, quality and versatility of Mongol military organization that made them the pre-eminent warriors of their time.

- First book-length study of organization of war under Genghis Khan
- Exposes myths and misunderstandings about Mongol warfare
- Analyzes Mongol strategy, tactics, fighting methods
- Vivid accounts of Mongol armies in action

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