Forthcoming Titles


The Ecokids and the Plastic Pickle
by Fay Khoo and Asha Gill
ISBN: 9789839476187
Price: TBA | 2009
Children - Paperback
Rhino Press

The Ecokids and the Wasteful Water Worry
by Fay Khoo and Asha Gill
ISBN: 9789839476194
Price: TBA | 2009
Children - Paperback
Rhino Press

The Ecokids and the Gas Guzzler
by Fay Khoo and Asha Gill
ISBN: 9789839476200
Price: TBA | 2009
Children - Paperback
Rhino Press

Co-authored by Fay Khoo and Asha Gill, the Eco Kids books are vividly illustrated, environmentally themed books designed to teach children the importance of being ‘green’ using entertaining stories through which to convey the messages. Each title deals with a single topic (paper, plastic, petrol etc) and the Eco Kids (Eco Boy and Eco Girl) are consistent characters in every title and the ‘heroes’ in the series. They teach children important environmental lessons, and a simple check list at the end of the book provides children a guideline on how to save water, or petrol, or reduce their use of plastic bags. Apart from visuals that really ‘pop’, the books are also light, portable and perfectly sized for little hands. They were written with 6-9 year old children in mind, but can cater for children from as young as four (guided reading). The books are priced at RM10 each and RM1 from the sale of each book will be donated to charity.

The Discoverer
by Jan Kjærstad
ISBN: 9781906413286
Price: SGD 25.00 (w/o GST) | Jan 2010
Teenage Fiction - B Paperback
Arcadia Books

The third volume of Jan Kjærstad’s award-winning trilogy finds Jonas aboard the Voyager, a small boat exploring the reaches of the great Sognefjord in Western Norway. But, like the space probe the boat is named for, Jonas’s personal journey of discovery reaches far beyond the usual confines of time or space. With all the breathtaking prowess of a master juggler, Jan Kjærstad throws episode after episode from Jonas Wergeland’s life into the air and holds them, suspended, like planets in the solar system. And the reader, once again, is drawn into Wergeland’s universe, and taken on a journey – this time with his daughter as guide – to discover finally the truth about his life, and what led to the death of his wife.

Mega Cities
by Kees Koonings
ISBN: 9781848132962
Price: SGD 56.00 (w/o GST) | Jan 2010
Non-Fiction - Paperback
Zed Books

The twenty-first century is set to be the stage for the massive urbanization of the world's population. Particularly, the so-called 'megacities' around the world are rapidly becoming the scene for deprivation and exclusion, especially in what has come to be called the 'global south'. In such large-scale yet concentrated social environments, a complex set of relationships links poverty and exclusion to urban politics, power relations and public policy. Violent actors look for power in strategies that seek access to urban politics and policy-making. The urban poor are confronted with the challenge of charting pathways in their 'encounters with violence'. Local politicians, administrators, grass roots leaders and NGO officials are faced with the puzzle how to restore effective non-violent institutions, legitimate governance and citizen security. Megacities examines recent world-wide trends in poverty and social exclusion, urban violence and politics, and links these to the challenges faced by policy-makers and practitioners in 'megacities' across the globe.

The Development Dictionary
by Wolfgang Sachs
ISBN: 9781848133808
Price: SGD 53.00 (w/o GST) | Nov 2009
Non-Fiction - Paperback
Zed Books

Each essay examines one concept from a historical and anthropological point of view, highlights its particular bias, and exposes its historical obsolescence and intellectual sterility. The authors argue that a bidding farewell to the whole Euro-centric development idea is urgently needed, in order to liberate people’s minds - in both North and South - for bold responses to the environmental and ethical challenges now confronting humanity.
The combined result forms a must-read invitation to experts, grassroots movements and students of development to recognize the tainted glasses they put on whenever they participate in the development discourse.

Sex Work Matters
by Melissa Hope Ditmore
ISBN: 9781848134331
Price: SGD 53.00 (w/o GST) | Jan 2010
Non-Fiction - Paperback
Zed Books

Sex Work Matters brings sex workers, scholars and activists together to present pioneering essays on the economics and sociology of sex work. From insights by sex workers on how they handle money, intimate relationships and daily harassment by police, to the experience of male and transgender sex work, this fascinating and original book offers theoretical discussions as well empirical case studies, providing new ways to link theory with lived experiences.

The Deadly Ideas of Neoliberalism
by Rick Rowden
ISBN: 9781848132856
Price: SGD 53.00 (w/o GST) | Nov 2010
Non-Fiction - Paperback
Zed Books

In stark, powerful terms, Rowden offers a unique and in-depth critique of development economics, the political economy dynamics of global foreign aid and health institutions, and how these seemingly abstract factors play out in the real world - from the highest levels of global institutions to African finance and health ministries to rural health outposts in the countryside of developing nations, and back again.

The Buddhic Essence
by Elizabeth Clare Prophet
ISBN: 9781932890167
Price: SGD 23.00 (w/o GST) | Dec 2009
Religion - Paperback
Summit University Press

We all have the seed or ‘essence’ of Buddha within us, and because we do we have the potential to become a Buddha. In The Buddhic Essence: Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha, Elizabeth Clare Prophet gently traces upon the heart the pathway that can lead to Buddhahood as we begin to see these stages in our lives. To many, these practical steps will feel very familiar. Others may be reminded of earlier life passages. All who take this journey without distance will arrive ready for a deeper and more abiding spiritual experience.

ISSA: The Greatest Story Never Told
by Lois Drake
ISBN: 9781932890051
Price: SGD 27.00 (w/o GST) | Dec 2009
History - Paperback
Summit University Press

Thousands of miles from Bethlehem, less than two centuries before Jesus birth, warfare was waged against a nomadic people who eventually established a vast empire throughout Bactria and portions of China, Afghanistan, Iran, and Indiathe Kushan empire . . .

Glamour: Women, History, Feminism
by Carol Dyhouse
ISBN: 9781848134089
Price: SGD 56.00 (w/o GST) | Feb 2010
Lifestyle - Hardback
Zed Books

This unique and fascinating book tells the story of glamour. It explores the changing meanings of the word, its relationship to femininity and fashion, and its place in twentieth century social history. Using a rich variety of sources - from women's magazines and film to social surveys and life histories - Carol Dyhouse examines with wit and insight the history and meaning of costume, cosmetics, perfume and fur.

by Jessica Hirshorn
ISBN: 9781931930826
Price: SGD 70.00 (w/o GST) Dec 2009
Business - C Paperback, 100 pp
Nicholas Brealey

A new fun and interactive way to train people for working in diverse environments. Rocket is an interactive simuation that helps participants develop and hone important intercultural skills. Based on NASA’s own research—the simulation mimics the real-life interactions and politics of the Space Station Program and requires simulation participants to work together to a assemble a model rocket.

Rethinking Retention
by Richard P. Finnegan
ISBN: 9780891062387
Price: SGD 70.00 (w/o GST) December 2009
Business - Hardback, 208 pp

This book is the first nuts-and-bolts guide to offer a top-to-bottom, organization-wide retention action plan. It also addresses how to retain your high-performing workers in slow economic times. If you are losing workers you want to keep, this book will tell you how to put retention solutions in place across your company. Essential reading for all types of organizations–large or small, public or private.

On The Salt March
by Thomas Weber
ISBN: 9788129113856
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST) January 2009
History - Paperback, 666 pp
Rupa & Co

This book provides the definitive account of the most celebrated campaign of history's most important nonviolent campaigner.Gandhi's 1930 Salt March to the seaside village of Dandi, and the following Civil Disobedience of the British Empire, are among the most significant events in contemporary Indian political history.

The Trouble With Capitalism (2nd Revised Edition)
by Harry Shutt
ISBN: 9781848134225
Price: SGD 48.00 (w/o GST) September 2009
Economics - C Paperback, 200 pp

The collapse of the banking system and instability in the financial markets has dramatically shaken confidence in the global economic order. This work argues that the crisis has arisen as a result of fundamental economic problems, stemming from the growing redundancy of both labour and capital since the 1970s. He exposes the sham of the laissez faire prospectus, showing that state power and capital are increasingly being used to prop up capital while pretending that the aim is to roll back the frontiers of the state.

The Very Worried Sparrow
by Meryl Doney
ISBN: 9780745969213
Price: SGD 11.00 (w/o GST) 23 Oct 2009
Children - Hardback minibook, 32 pp

A sparrow worries about everything - whether there will be enough to eat, where he will build his new nest, how he will find a mate, whether his family will be eaten by a bird of prey. Then he hears about the Great Father who made and cares for all his creation - even the tiniest sparrow - and consequently finds great happiness and peace.

Kalila And Dimna (Vol. II)
Fables Of Conflict And Intrigue
by Ramsay Wood
ISBN: 9780863566691
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST) October 2009
Fiction - B Paperback, 368 pp
Saqi Books

This is the long-awaited follow-up to its first volume. Beautifully illustrated and retold in a contemporary style, these gritty stories about animals play out universal themes of treachery, war, jealousy and love.

The All American Book Of Lists
by Julian Ashe
ISBN: 9781851686728
Price: SGD 22.00 (w/o GST) Oct 2009
General Interest - A Paperback, 112 pp
Oneworld Publications

Encompassing the full spectrum of American culture, The All American Book of Lists provides an enthralling collection of facts and trivia, which will keep readers intrigued with its broad appeal and amazing revelations. Sport, politics, TV, and music all feature in the perfect memento, souvenir, and tribute to this varied and fascinating country.

A Brief Introduction To Islamic Art
by Ruba Kana’an
ISBN: 9780863566042
Price: SGD 25.00 (w/o GST) 15 Oct 2009
Middle East - B Paperback, 16pp colour and 40 b&w illustrations
Saqi Books

This brief introduction presents some of the finest examples of visual art produced in the Middle East. Ruba Kana'an explores some of the key themes and debates by examining ten masterpieces created between the 8th and
17th centuries. As she discusses each object, Kana'an highlights individual artistic styles, techniques and interpretations, while explaining the broader regional and historical contexts.

by Greg Watts
ISBN: 9780745952840
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST) 23 Oct 2009
History - Flexiback, 192 pp

Rembrandt (1606-1669) is generally considered one of the greatest painters and print makers in European art history. His greatest creative triumphs are generally agreed to have been in portraits (of himself and others) and in portraying scenes from the Bible. Watts examines how Rembrandt's faith impacted on his work and traces the life of this fascinating character and the key changes in his art style during his life.

Creative Thinking In Warfare
by Brig. J Nazareth
ISBN: 9788170620358
Price: SGD 56.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
Military Studies - Hardback, 263 pp
Casemate UK

Brig. Nazareth sets out to dispel the notion that “war is too serious an affair to be left to military men”. He traces the history of war from more than 3000 years ago to the present day and explores the minds of military leaders through their contribution to the success or failure of a war. The author attributes a vital role to the military commander who, in addition to being technically proficient, must also be sensitive to the needs of his men. He makes a study of creativity and interprets it for us in military terms.

China Goes To Sea
Edited by Andrew Erickson, Lyle Goldstein & Cary Lord
ISBN: 9781591142423
Price: SGD 91.00 (w/o GST) Jul 2009
Military Studies - Hardback, 464 pp
Casemate UK

There is still profound skepticism regarding China’s potential as a genuine maritime power. Beijing must still import the most vital subcomponents for its shipyards, maritime governance remains severely bureaucratically challenged, and the navy evinces, at least as of yet. China Goes to Sea provides reason to believe that China has turned the corner on a genuine maritime transformation - something if indeed true, could be one of the most influential global development in the history of the last two millennia.

Bioterror In The 21st Century
by Daniel M. Gerstein
ISBN: 9781591143130
Price: SGD 50.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
Military Studies - C Paperback, 288 pp
Casemate UK

Daniel Gerstein draws on twenty-nine years of experience in the security and defence sectors to address the threat of bioterrorism in the twenty-first century. He warns that while the proliferation of knowledge and capabilities in the field of biotechnology offers ever-increasing opportunities for scientific breakthroughs, the potential for the misuse of that knowledge also increases.

Service Etiquette (5th Edition)
by Cherylann Conetsco
ISBN: 9781591143574
Price: SGD 84.00 (w/o GST) 15 Oct 2009
Military Studies - Hardback, 560 pp
Casemate UK

This all-new 5th edition of the venerable Service Etiquette cements the guide’s reputation as the definitive resource of military protocol. International protocol experts expand its scope and intended readership from military officers and military spouses to all levels of the military, government, and business professionals. With forty-plus years of collective experience, they are recognized masters in modern etiquette and civility.

by Scot Bower
ISBN: 9780745953472
Price: SGD 22.00 (w/o GST) 23 Oct 2009
Religion - Hardback, 128 pp

From Polycarp to St Francis, from Brigid to Clare - and many others inbetween - this strikingly illustrated book tells stories of heroism and humility, adventure and servanthood, from the lives of the Western and Eastern saints from the time of the Early Church Fathers to the mid 13th century.

Overcoming Bulimia Nervosa & Binge Eating
(New Revised Edition)
by Peter Cooper
ISBN: 9781849010757
Price: SGD 31.00 (w/o GST) 29 Oct 2009
Self-Help - B Paperback, 266 pp
Constable & Robinson

Now in its second edition, Peter Cooper’s sympathetic and highly acclaimed guide gives a clear explanation of the disorder and the serious health issues that can result from it. He describes the treatments available today and, most
importantly, sets out a self-help guide for those who want to tackle their difficulties for themselves, with a step-by-step programme.

Understanding Life
by Alfred Adler
ISBN: 9781851686971
Price: SGD 53.00 (w/o GST) Oct 2009
Science - C Paperback, 256 pp
Oneworld Publications

Intended for both the general reader and students, Understanding Life offers an excellent introduction to Adler’s work, and presents an accessible overview of all his main theories: inferiority and superiority complexes; early memories as keys to understanding personality; interpreting dreams; love, marriage and children; sexuality and sexual problems.

Burma To Japan With Azad Hind
by Ramesh S Benegal
ISBN: 9781935501114
Price: SGD 45.00 (w/o GST) August 2009
Memoir - Hardback, 160 pp
Casemate UK

Memoir detailing a pilot’s career with the Indian Army during World War II. The years are long and hard and alternate between deprivation and plenty and between disaster and hope—before the turning point of the War changes everthing. What opens before us is not only a war memoir but the transformation of a boy as he steeps himself in the cultures of food, behaviour, customs and the ethnic aspirations of the countries he finds himself in.

1989 The Berlin Wall
by Peter Millar
ISBN: 9781906413439
Price: SGD 34.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
Memoir - C Paperback, 300 pp
Arcadia Books

For over a decade Millar had been living not just in East Berlin but also Warsaw and Moscow. In this engaging, garrulous, bibulous memoir we follow him on a journey into the heart of Cold War Europe. We relive the night it all disintegrated, gain insight into the domino effect that swept through Eastern Europe in its aftermath and find out how the author felt as he opened the Stasi files and discovered which of his friends had - or had not - been spying on him.

My Name Is Eric
by Rei Kimura
ISBN: 9789810830991
Price: SGD 16.00 (w/o GST) Jan 2010
General Interest - B Paperback
Horizon Books

This is the story of Eric, a precocious, irreverent male Pomeranian, told from his perspective of life! It is a delightful story filled with a myriad of emotions ranging from touching, tear-inducing moments to Eric’s humorous and satirical descriptions of his relationship with his family and all the other humans who have the misfortune of crossing his path!

Tackling Poverty
by Thaksin Shinawatra
ISBN: 9789948152392
Price: SGD 30.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
Asian Interest - Hardback, 202 pp.
Azher Information Technology

In this book, the former leader takes readers through the cornerstones of his economic reforms—how they came about, how they were developed and the effects they had on millions of lives. He discusses how his policies successfully reduced poverty in Thailand, and why, if adapted on a global scale, they could have the same effect across the world.

Usain Bolt
by Rodney Hinds
ISBN: 9781906413262
Price: SGD 20.00 (w/o GST) 23 Sep 2009
Biography - B Paperback, 100 pp
Arcadia Books

Jamaican Usain 'Lightning' Bolt is arguably the most celebrated sportsman in the world. Bolt has elevated himself to iconic stature with his incredible world record runs in the 100 metres at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This 22 year-old promises astonishing feats to come. Already a track phenomenon at the precocious age of twelve, this uncomplicated country boy chose to stay at home, and train, study and work in familiar climates.

Hizbullah (Updated Edition)
by Naim Qassem
ISBN: 9780863566998
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
Current Affairs - B Paperback, 304 pp
Saqi Books

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary-General Naim Qassem provides an unparalleled insider’s view of the workings of this Shi’ite resistance group turned political party. Formed in 1982 in response to Israel’s invasion of Lebanon, Hizbullah was instrumental in eventually forcing Israel to withdraw its troops in 2000, thus ending 22 years of military occupation. This updated paperback includes a new chapter covering the 2006 war ans the spring 2008 events in Beirut.

Dead Famous
by Gordon Kerr
ISBN: 9781851686773
Price: SGD 36.00 (w/o GST) Sep 2009
General Interest - Hardback, 208 pp
Oneworld Publications

Even the rich and famous have to die someday. When they do there’s always a story. Whether it’s who killed them (Marilyn Monroe) - who saw it (racecar driver Ayrton Senna) - or what was hiding in their skirts when their head was chopped off (a dog with Mary Queen of Scots) – Kerr proves that final hours are worth remembering.

A Brief History Of Britain: 1485-1660
by Ronald Hutton
ISBN: 9781845297046
Price: SGD 28.00 (w/o GST) 26 Aug 2009
History - B Paperback, 448 pp
Constable & Robinson

From the death of Richard III on Bosworth Field in 1485 to the execution of Charles I, after the Civil Wars of 1642-48, England was transformed by two Dynasties.
Firstly the Tudors, who won the crown on the battlefield and changed both the nature of kingship but also the nation itself. The crown was passed to the Stuarts, who were keen to remould the kingdom in their own image.

What Life Could Mean To You
by Alfred Adler
ISBN: 9781851686704
Price: SGD 53.00 (w/o GST) Aug 2009
Psychology - C Paperback, 256 pp
Oneworld Publications

One of Alfred Adler’s most popular books, What Life Could Mean to You focuses on his ‘three tasks of life’ – marriage, work, and social relationships. Combining clear, understandable explanations with pragmatic advice, it explores the key issues that influence the progress of our lives and our view of what life means. With this, we can overcome the limitations of our past, and develop the confidence to transform both ourselves and our world.

A River Dies Of Thrist : A Diary
by Mahmoud Darwish
ISBN: 9780863566349
Price: SGD 31.00 (w/o GST) Aug 2009
Memoir - A Paperback, 272 pp
Saqi Books

Mahmoud Darwish is an Arab contemporary poet, and is often cited as the poetic voice of the Palestinian people. During the summer of 2006, Darwish was in Ramallah. He recorded his observations and feelings in this diary as Israel attacked Gaza and Lebanon. Darwish writes of love, loss and the pain of exile in bittersweet poems leavened with hope and joy.

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