Bedtime Stories For Little Angels
by Sarah Dodd
ISBN: 9780745961149
Price: SGD 24.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Hardback, 48 pp
Lion Hudson

These ten delightful stories of mirth and mischief will bring every little angel’s day to a perfect endging… and bring sweet dreams.

The God Queston
by Andrew Pessin
ISBN: 9781851686599
Price: SGD30.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - B Paperback 224 pp
Oneworld Publications

Revealing the thoughts of history’s biggest philosophers on the biggest question of all, The God Question will help you make your own mind up. Presenting pithy arguments from the faithful, atheistic, and downright heretical, Pessin’s light-hearted prose will give you a captivating insight into a wide array of God-related puzzles, whether or not you are religiously inclined.

A Brief Guide to Islam
by Paul Grieve
ISBN: 9781845292744
Price: SGD28.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

Islam unveiled: the reality behind the headlines

Exploring the beliefs, history and politics of the ordinary people of Muslim countries, Islam specialist Paul Grieve offers the most balanced and comprehensive account of Islam available. He addresses the big issues -- can Islam support true democracy or is the West merely seeking a cover of legitimacy for a policy of 'might is right'? -- and challenges stereotypical views in areas such as arts, women, banking, war, Malcolm X and literature. This is the ideal summary for the reader looking for an unbiased overview of political and religious world issues now part of our everyday lives.

A Brief History of Christianity
by Bamber Gascoigne
ISBN: 9781841197104
Price: SGD23.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Constable & Robinson

The story of Christianity from Roman times to the present
Whether the son of God, prophet, man, or myth, no one has had a greater influence on human history than Jesus of Nazareth.

This classic book, newly updated, tells the story of the Christian faith through the man and women who shaped it. Nothing rouses greater passions than religious differences and
the history of Christianity is replete with politics, intolerance and greed, side by side with the most intimate spiritual experiences.

The Lion Encyclopedia of World Religions
by David Self
ISBN: 9780745949833
Price: SGD39.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Hardback
Lion Hudson

An illustrated introduction to the beliefs, traditions and practices of not only the major world faiths today but also East Asian and modern religions.

The Seven Deadly Sins
And How to Overcome Them
by Graham Tomlin
ISBN: 9780745952215
Price: SGD24.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Lion Hudson

The inspiration behind the Hollywood blockbuster, Se7en (1995), the seven deadly sins are pride, greed, envy, anger, lust, gluttony and sloth.

In this fascinating new book, experienced author and theologian Graham Tomlin explains the historical background to the sins before looking at each one in detail. He shows how, although the seven deadly sins were originally a medieval convention, contemporary culture still finds each sin attractive; he also suggests how we might overcome their destructiveness in practical and focussed ways. Written in a thoughtful and measured style, this will be an engaging read for all interested in philosophy, theology and the development of culture and religious thought.

Is Religion Dangerous?
by Keith Ward
ISBN: 9780745952628
Price: SGD25.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Lion Hudson

Many commentators today claim that religion is dangerous and harmful. In addressing this question, Keith Ward begins by defining what religion actually is and how most human harm has been caused. He then looks at why people say that religion is dangerous, focusing particularly on religious wars and conflicts and on specific attacks on religion, such as the claims that God is wrathful, that religion is intolerant, that religious morality is primitive and cruel.

The Miracles of Jesus
by Michael Symmons Roberts
ISBN: 9780745951942
Price: SGD35.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Lion Hudson

The ancient accounts tell us that Jesus could calm storms with a word, feed thousands with just a few scraps of bread and fish, walk on water, cure the sick and even raise people from the dead. In this enlightening book - an official tie-in to the major BBC1 3-part television series presented by Rageh Omaar (being broadcast from 6 August 2006) - Michael Symmons Roberts examines many of Jesus' miracles in the context of 1st century Galilee. He reveals that Jesus' miracles were full of hidden meanings and shows how, by cracking this ancient code, we can come to a deeper understanding of who Jesus of Nazareth really was - a healer, a prophet or the long-awaited Messiah and Son of God? Rights to this series have also been sold to the Discovery Channel.

The New Lion Handbook: The World's Religions
by Christopher Patridge

ISBN: 9780745951287
Price: SGD65.00 (w/o GST)
Religion - Paperback
Lion Hudson

A long established bestselling and highly regarded book on the Lion list is now substantially revised and rewritten with many new articles. New contributors are introduced and greater coverage given to recent developments in world religions, especially in the study of religion, indigenous religions, and esoteric, pagan and New Age religion. Expert authorship plus twelve eminent consulting editors representing a wide international spectrum from UK, USA, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Japan and Australia.

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