Mary’s Recipes – A Celebration of a Singapore Kitchen
by Mary Gomes
ISBN: 9789810503932
Price: SGD30.00 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Horizon Books

Mary Gomes, author of bestseller The Eurasian Cookbook, presents her latest book Mary’s Recipes – A Celebration of a Singapore Kitchen, a collection of local favourites and more Eurasian dishes.
This book is not just a celebration of one family’s Eurasian and Peranakan heritage, but that of a true Singapore Kitchen.

Mary Gomes follows the successful publication in 2001 of her first book, The Eurasian Cookbook, with a collection of recipes featuring the myriad ethnic cuisines of her home, Singapore.
In this long awaited second cookbook, Mary shares with us her family’s secret recipes from chicken sambal buah keras to braised duck and shrimp sambal bostadar to nonya bak chang. Learn to make hawker favourites such as harlock prawns and old family dishes such as yam rice, all simplified for the modern cook.

With this book, Mary has proved she is among the best in a dazzling array of women cookbook authors that we are so fortunate to have in Singapore. Long may they flourish.”
– From foreword by David Kraal

Eurasian Cookbook
by Mary Gomes
ISBN: 9789810443443
Price: SGD30.00 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Horizon Books

In this book, author Mary Gomes has delved into the kitchen archives of her family and friends to share with you the rich heritage of Eurasian food, a heritage that reflects the influence of a multitude of cultures - Portuguese, Dutch, English, Chinese, Malay, Indian and even Peranakan. After years of cooking for family, church, the corporate world and even a president or two, Mary has evolved a simple and short method for recipes that are slowly disappearing from our culinary landscape

A Singapore Family Cookbook
by Violet Oon
Price: SGD24.90 (w/o GST)
Cook -
Pen International

The cookbook has Chinese, Indian, Malay, Eurasian and Nonya dishes. Recipes from Australia, France, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and the Mediterranean were collected from Violet's travel ventures. It is peppered with anecdotal remembrances of everyday and festive meals shared - with the kind of hints a mother would share with her daughter while cooking together in the kitchen.

South Indian Cookbook
by Devagi Sanmugam
ISBN: 97898104
Price: SGD32.50 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Pen International

More than 100 recipes are presented - from soups and rasams to snacks and swe
ets and healing foods to help ease minor discomforts and quicken the process of recuperation. Vegetarian and healthy alternatives to traditional dishes are provided with easy steps using modern-day conveniences . You will also find tips for alternatives and notes for a South Indian kitchen and pantry.

Aziza's Creative Malay Cuisine
by Aziza Ali
ISBN: 9789810423742
Price: SGD28.50 (w/o GST)
Cook - Paperback
Pen International

Author Aziza Ali having created her own unique style and taste, she shares with you traditional Malay recipes such as Rendang Istimewa, Oporan, Rojak Tahu Telur and Puteri Berendam, all done with a creative twist. There are also new creations such as Baked Oysters with Spinach, Potato with Lobster Tail Soup and Fish Stuffed with Spinach.

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