Dr. Foo Check Teck

Dr Foo Check Teck is a barrister, advocate and solicitor with a PhD in strategy from the University of St Andrews in Scotland. He currently lectures at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Dr Foo is an Honorary Research Professor (International Business) at the Copenhagen Business college, in Denmark and consults on stratey to INSEAD in France.

Organizing Strategy - Sun Tsu Business Warcraft
by Foo Check Teck and Peter Hugh Grinyer
ISBN: 9789810431129
Price: SGD32.50 (w/o GST)
Business - Paperback
Horizon Books

This book may be the first of its kind in the world: relating metaphorically relevant segments of a 2,500 years' old classic Sun Tzu Art of War to insights gained through statistical analyses of a corporate database built through capturing CEO's perceptions of strategy processes within major publicly-listed ASEAN corporations (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia). This book is especially relevant to world management now that China - where Sun Tzu continues to be very much revered - is on the path to become by the 21st Century, the world's largest economy.

Reminiscences of An Ancient Strategist -
The Mind of Sun Tzy
by Foo Check Teck
ISBN: 9810420064
Price: SGD35.00 (w/o GST)
Horizon Books

Sun Tzu was the commander in-chief in China's Kingdom of Wu and gave the world what has become a classic work on strategy: The Art of War.
This book rediscovers these bamboo strips and reveals the secret reminiscences of China's greatest strategist. Reading them today will fill readers with insight into their relationships with others at every level from the personal to the multinational…as well as powerfully evoking the sense of time and place of China 2.500 years ago.

Duel of the Soul
by Foo Check Teck
ISBN: 9789810516314
Price: SGD88.00 (w/o GST)
Horizon Books

This is a special collector's edition. Only 300 copies are printed and each book is numbered.

Praises for the book
“It is inspirational to learn that Musashi, a famous Japanese Ninja who had never lost a fight had a deeply strategic Mind. Dr Foo Check Teck cleverly interprets the messages to align them with modern attributes in sound management. The book is both interesting and informative to management students and professionals.”
Professor CHAM Tao Soon, University Distinguished Professor, Nanyang Technological University , Singapore

“In an age when many experienced managers seek to rediscover their spiritual dimension after years of logical achievement and concentration, Check Teck encourages us to return to Mother Nature. This is timely novella, written to help us audit and re-balance our managerial lives. It continues the author's deep research in Sun Tzu and the inner meaning for self and community. You are encouraged to seek the wisdom within.”
Professor Peter McKierman, Head of School of Management , University of St. Andrews , Scotland

The Imperial Mind
by Foo Check Teck
ISBN: 9789810455699
Price: SGD18.50 (w/o GST)
Biography - Paperback
Horizon Books

The author explores in this book, the rise of Lady Wu to become Emperor of China. She was to reign, in China's 5,000 years of recorded history, as the only female "Son of Heaven", supreme as Emperor. The author focuses on the working of Lady Wu's mind in the process of an uphill struggle to overcome impossible odds. From a lowly maid doing palace chores, she rose to become Emperor. Her success story should be a beacon to modern women lost in their own struggles to rise above the tide

Thinking Around Stratagems
by Foo Check Teck
ISBN: 9789810422981
Price: SGD15.00 (w/o GST)
Business - Paperback
Horizon Books

This exceptionally riveting book stimulates readers to think around the Thirty-six Stratagems of the ancient Chinese. In this book, the authors bring to readers simple explanations of the ancient Chinese stratagems in a series of intriguing diagrams and anecdotes.

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